The Ro Shaw Clay Studio and Gallery is located in Historic Salado Tx.  We offer ceramics for everyday use, as well as individual art pieces for the home or office.


Functional ceramics

At Ro Shaw Clay Studio I create all of the functional wares from high temperature (2381) f) Stoneware or Porcelain clays sourced locally.  I employ numerous firing techniques including, but not limited to Gas, Wood, Soda, and experimental kilns.  All stoneware and porcelain wares offered are guaranteed food safe, microwave safe, and dishwasher safe.  No lead is used in any clay or glazes.


Raku is an ancient quick firing technique which yields beautiful results with an interplay between smoke, fire and glaze.  Pieces are glazed and fired to around 1906°, immediately the kiln is opened and pieces are removed to be placed in a reduction chamber which contains combustibles.  These combustibles assist in altering the glaze composition by creating smoke known as reduction.  This reduction process contributes to the blackening of the clay body as well as intensifying the color of select glazes.  Within the next few months our patrons will be able to participate in glazing and firing their chosen wares.  The finished pieces can then be picked up the same day, the follwing day, or shipped!



Wood processes are also displayed within the gallery.  Most pieces are turned and finished by me.  Tables and select shelving are also available.  Commissions are always welcome.